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Back 2 New carpet cleaning is Newstead’s renowned and trusted carpet cleaning company that offer its services to the residential and commercial clients. As professional team of Back 2 New carpet cleaning, we have grown high knowledge and high skills regarding all kind of carpet cleaning treatment so that we can deliver best and professional service to our clients. We always take care that we respond to the growing needs of our clients, whether they need their service at home or office. Our goal in business is to give you superior quality service and amazing results. We want to be your best and trusted carpet cleaning company to whom you can call anytime and be confident in knowing that the job will be done right, if you hire us. Leaving you completely satisfied with our professional service, we are driven by a burning desire that we just offer best that no other company can offer you. We continuously update our technology and education to ensure you the highest quality work you have expected from us. 

Don’t get any other company for your carpet cleaning companies than Back 2 New carpet cleaners. We are the professionals and experts in this industry and know what kind of services is to be given for different kind of cleaning needs and carpet fabrics. For more details call us on 0488 850 862. 

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Steam Cleaning Service Newstead

The steam carpet cleaning method is suitable for synthetic carpets made of polyester, nylon, olefin and woollen fibres. Steam carpet cleaning method is the most efficient carpet cleaning solution that will deep clean your carpet and will make your old and dirties carpet look brand new. Back 2 New carpet cleaning Newstead provides more professional and best steam carpet cleaning solutions to its clients on which you can trust. Our professional carpet cleaners makes use of steam cleaning machine in a professional manner. The method uses evaporated water to deeply clean carpets. The water is heated past its boiling point and pressured out as steam mixed with cleaning detergent through a nozzle or brush. The vapour will loose up the dirt and dust and will destroy harmful bacteria and allergens present in your carpet.

This method cleans your carpet deeply and will remove all the harmful bacteria present in your carpet that can harm the health of your family and destroy your home environment. For the well being of your loved ones, you should definitely hire Back 2 New professional carpet cleaners for steam carpet cleaning service.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Best Carpet Cleaning

Reliable & Trusted Carpet Cleaning Service

When Back 2 New carpet cleaning company provide services to our clients, we make sure that we follow all the safety standards while cleaning your carpet professionally. We are a reliable company who will ensure that the products we use are safe around pet and children and leave no sticky residue. Our carpet cleaning solutions are eco-friendly and have been thoroughly tested to not only provide the best possible service but also be safe to use. A trained technicians will take care of your personal belongings and treat your home carpet with utmost respect. We offer the fantastic carpet cleaning service. We are more than happy for you to inspect our work on completion and provide us with your valued opinion and feedback that how much you liked our service. Carpet cleaning Newstead looks forward to serve you and make your carpet the best and freshest they can possible be.

Our Carpet Cleaning Prices in Newstead

Carpet Steam Cleaning Empty Furnished
Bedroom* $119* $155*
Lounge / Family Room* $60* $75*
Hallway / Landing* $40- $60* $45- $65*
Cost Per Stair* $3.00* $5.00*
Carpet Protection Services (per sqm)* $3* $4*
Carpet Flea Treatment per room* $35* $45*

* Above mentioned prices are for carpet steam cleaning only. We expect carpet to be cleaned & vacuumed before our technician’s arrival, additional charged may apply for $10 extra applies for stained treatment, very dirty & heavily soiled carpet.

*Terms & Condition Apply ( Minimum price is $120 )

Quality Carpet Cleaning Services

We Use Quality Tools & Equipments

Back 2 New carpet cleaning Newstead own customise modern cleaning tools and equipments especially designed for carpet cleaning service in Newstead. These new tools that we have with us use less power and work efficiently. Our tools and equipments are specially designed to provide you customised carpet cleaning service as per your convenience and need. Our tools and equipments are manufactured in special design that provides you eco-friendly solutions that will keep your family members safe and your home environment fresh. We keep our job at first and just believe to provide only best carpet cleaning solution, so we just use quality tools and equipments so that your carpets get cleaned without compromising any quality. 

Get Your Carpet Cleaned in A Right Manner

Back 2 New carpet cleaners employ the best industry tools and techniques for best carpet cleaning service. Our tools provide additional care to  your carpets and give it a clean and fresh look in a right  manner. Our service maintains carpet for a long time and give them a protective shield after our blissful service. We make sure that we remove all kind of dust, dirt, debris, bacteria, germs from your carpet. Meaning that we will remove all the pollutants effectively. Our clients trust us that we deliver best service that will not disappoint you and let you down. Our work will never let you down as we believe that customer satisfaction is our main motive. Back 2 New Carpet Cleaning is the trusted company and will provide you the best service ever that will give your carpet a brand new and fresh look. 

Get Freshest & Stainless Carpet At Your Home

Taking care of your expensive carpet is very necessary but most of the people ignore it, ignoring the cleaning status is not a good habit because if the carpet will get dirty to high level then it can get damaged soon and will leave you to pay larger prices. Thus, it is better to hire professional carpet cleaners from Back 2 New carpet cleaning Newstead before it’s too late. Our professional carpet cleaning performs it services by applying effective methods like dry carpet cleaning, steam carpet cleaning, carpet stain removal, carpet mould removal, carpet shampooing services, and many more service. We have designed our services such that people with different economic condition can get benefit from our treatment. Give a fresh and new look to your carpet from our special service.

Quick And Reliable Service Delivery
Quick and reliable service delivery
Unique And Innovative Steam Cleaning Technique
Unique and innovative steam cleaning technique
Guaranteed customer satisfaction
Professionalism And Integrity By Team Of Experts
Professionalism and integrity by team of experts
Excellent Customer Care Even After Delivery Of Services
Excellent customer care even after delivery of services
Guaranteed Stain Removal
Guaranteed stain removal
Guaranteed Mould Removal
Guaranteed mould removal
Certification From The IICRC
Certification from the IICRC
Cheap And Affordable Pricing
Cheap and affordable pricing

Carpet Steam Cleaning Benefits

There are many reasons why carpet steam cleaning is essential, few of them are listed below.

  • A dirty carpet can be a residing place of the bacteria which will cause you serious health ills.
  • Around one million skin flakes shed from the body of an average human being in a day and these flakes get added to the dirt in your carpet. One should get the carpet cleaned in every 5- 8 months. A clean carpet adds a fresh and hygienic vibe to the house.
  • Our process is safe and healthy for everyone , whether it a child or a pet.

Some Useful Tips For Carpet Cleaning

When carpets are accurately cleaned and managed, then it can live twice of its life. Here are some of the useful tips which you can use to keep your carpet clean and fresh for more years.

  • Remove the stains immediately
  • Vacuumming carpets once a week
  • Save your carpet fabrics Scratchcard
  • Do not blot spills with coloured clothes
  • Place rug at the entrance

carpet cleaning Our Carpet Cleaning Methods carpet cleaning

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

 Encapsulation carpet cleaning service is one of our special methods. In traditional methods, the treatment can leave your carpet in a moist condition and encourage mould growth. But we take pride that we do not provide those service and offers you encapsulation carpet cleaning method which involves superior cleaning fluids containing active polymers and detergents on the affected area of carpet and encapsulating the detergents together with dirt and debris. The result through this method is neat and clean carpet with no traces of dirt and debris. Carpets add definition and depth to your place and make your home more appealing. So cleaning them professionally is really important and encapsulation carpet cleaning service can help you in carpet cleaning needs. Hire us for amazing encapsulation cleaning service.

Dry Carpet CleaningCarpet Shampooing Newstead

Shampooing a carpet is a great way to get a much deeper clean than vacuuming, and it extends the life of your carpet. We first remove the furniture from the room, vacuum it carefully, and treat stains before shampooing your carpet. We fill the machine with the proper amount of soap and water. Then our professionals run the shampooer in a pattern across the room, making sure that we go slow so that your carpets get cleaned easily. After the shampoo, we run the machine over your carpet once again with cold water and no soap. Then we left the carpet to get dry completely so that it do not get damp.  So it is always recommended to have a carpet shampooing service to maintain the carpets for years. We provide optimal cleanliness to your carpets through our service. Shampooing is perfect for heavily stained carpets due to its scrubbing properties and cleaning deeply. So if you want to get your carpet cleaned through this method, contact us.

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

At Back 2 New carpet cleaning Newstead, we also provide hot water extraction carpet cleaning method to clean your home carpets. Hot water extraction pump in hot steam vapours inside the layers of your carpet. The water steam vapours constitute non-toxic chemical and scotchgard and later on our powerful water extraction equipments suck out all the dirty waters from deep under the layers of your carpet. This method will kill all the germs, bacteria and mould present in your carpet, resulting beautiful new look to your floor carpet. Back 2 New carpet cleaning provides you effective and qualitative hot water extraction carpet cleaning service which will give your carpet a new life. Contact us if you want best cleaning service at your home.  

Carpet Mould Removal

Carpet Stain Removal Newstead

Even if your carpets are clean and dirt free, the spills and stains can make them look unclean and ugly. But you don’t have to worry, the stains that seem to have made a permanent place on your carpet can vanish when you hire Back 2 New carpet cleaning Newstead professionals for your carpet stain removal needs. Whether it is a dried blood or red wine on the carpet, we can remove them all with our utmost perfection. So, call us today and get your specialised carpet stain removal services from us. Through our advance and eco-friendly carpet cleaning equipments, we will remove all the deepest and darkest carpet stains and make your carpet look more beautiful than before.

Non-Toxic & Qualitative Carpet Cleaning Service, Safe For Everyone

To achieve a spotless cleaning while taking care of your family’s health, we make use of organic carpet cleaning products. We offers you carpet cleaning, carpet stain removal, carpet sanitising and deodorising service. Our organic products are safer for your health and sensitive to allergic person at your place. Our cleaning products are free of chemicals and ensure the safety of your carpets. Our products leave a pleasant smell on your carpets so that you can back to enjoy your home. The carpet is one of the most important element at your home, it is the place where the children and pets frequently move and spend their leisure time by moving, walking or sitting on it. So it is essential to clean up toxic chemicals embedded in your carpet fibres so that your kid do not have to face any health issues or allergy like skin rashes or breathing problem. We make use of only natural products so that you can have peace of mind that your carpets will not harm to your children or pets after our service.

Experience the Professionalism at the Affordable Price

You don’t need to worry about spending too much money for hiring our carpet cleaning service in Newstead. We always believe to provide high quality service at low price. Our all kind of carpet cleaning service is good for our customers with low budget. You can also get some more discounts in certain events. Contact on 0488 850 862 today to ask about our quote. We can give our quotation for free without additional cost. The team of Back 2 New carpet cleaning are highly trained and believes in providing the complete value for money. The solutions and treatment we use for carpet cleaning and sanitising in Newstead are highly affordable and will not hurt your pocket. We offer you customised carpet cleaning service that will definitely fits your budget. So book your services now for economic treatment.

Encapsulation Carpet CleaningDry Carpet Cleaning Newstead

Back 2 New carpet cleaners apply dry carpet cleaning solutions on your carpets that break down the dirt, soil and stain on the carpet. After a few minutes, the solution is sucked up using heavy duty vacuum leaving the carpet cleaned to perfection. Afterward, we inspect your carpet once again to check if any residue is left and leave your place after your approval. This cleaning technique is ideal for carpets of a delicate fabric. It is also suitable for those, as it does not involve the use of hot water and it does not cause a risk of shrinking to the textile. This is most effective carpet cleaning method as without using water, it cleans up your carpet and remove all the dust particles from it. The dry cleaning method involves the use of power detergent, which is rubbed into the fabric with a rotating machine and then extracting with a powerful vacuum cleaner. If you want dry carpet cleaning service for your carpet anywhere in Newstead, you can contact us. We will provide you best ever dry carpet cleaning service.

Carpet Shampooing

Bonnet Carpet Cleaner Newstead

Bonnet carpet cleaning service is also known as interim cleaning since it is primarily designed to clean the top of the carpet fibres that are visible to the general observer. To perform the bonnet carpet cleaning service, we first vacuum your carpets thoroughly. Then we fill a bucket with warm water and correct solution of bonnet cleaner. Then we spray this solution to the affected areas of the carpet. Then we let it to dry up on the carpet and then remove it out with the help of vacuum. This method helps your carpets pads to get clean more professionally. It gives a new look to your carpet and make you feel that you have just bought a new carpet at your place. This is most effective method that makes your carpet look beautiful and healthy. Book our bonnet carpet cleaning service at affordable price.

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Mould Removal Newstead

Keeping your carpet clean can be a challenge. With the daily coming in and out of your home, carpets track dirt, dust and other contaminants into it. So what will you do if your carpets get mould spots. Don’t worry. Back 2 New carpet cleaning Newstead provides you the most professional and effective mould removal service with our step to step treatment. First of all, we discover the mould as it is really important before starting any process to remove the mould from the carpet. Then we take a broom and sweep the affected area of the carpet. This helps the mould to loosen up. Next, we vacuum the affected area. Then we make a mixture of dish washing liquid and scrub it into the affected area of the carpet. Then we let the carpets to dry up naturally so that your carpets look beautiful after cleaning. We guarantee that you will definitely our result effective and always contact us for carpet mould removal treatment.

Carpet Stain Removal

Carpet Sanitisation & Deodorisation Newstead

Back 2 New carpet cleaning Newstead provides disinfection and sanitisation carpet services to the residential and commercial clients. Our service guaranteed kill the harmful viruses and bacteria that is present in your carpet so that your home environment remain fresh and healthy for living. Vacuuming regularly will pick up all the dirt from the surface of the carpet, but it just can’t remove grime that builds up over the month and years of having used. So it’s get important to sanitise and disinfect your carpet that can only be done by professional carpet cleaning team that is highly skilled and efficient in removing dirt and bacteria from the carpet. Back 2 New carpet cleaning sanitises your carpet while cleaning germs. Our cleaning and disinfecting is not only effective but also makes your carpet more stain resistant. For proper maintenance of your carpet, you just need carpet cleaning service, though you must hire us.

Rug Cleaners Newstead

Own a rug you absolutely love? We get it. Back 2 New carpet cleaning Newstead- is also a team of professional rug cleaners who come to your home, deep clean your rugs and make them beautiful. Back 2 New carpet cleaning Newstead is the only choice if your are looking for a quality clean and professional care for your rugs. Because rugs comes in many different forms like persian, chinese, turkish and various other forms, so it becomes essential that you contact Back 2 New rug cleaning professionals with specialised cleaning methods different for every type of rug. Back 2 New are specialists when it comes to rug cleaning service in Newstead, with years of experience in this field, we provide you professional rug cleaning service. So just don’t get any other carpet cleaning company destroy your rugs and contact us now for best service.

Removal of All Kind Of Stains from Your Carpet

  • Red Wine Stain Removal: Red wine on the carpet? Don’t worry; Back 2 New Cleaning Newstead is here to solve your problem. Our carpet cleaning experts help you with the most suitable solutions as wine stains are the hardest types of stains that get cleaned by applying much of the efforts. Cleaning this stain by ownself may result in damaged carpet fibres. Therefore, it is advised to call the carpet’s professionals for wine stain removal. We offer guaranteed results for our services at an affordable cost.
  • Ink Stain Removal: Our professionals blot the dropped ink with the paper so that it can absorb a large quantity of ink as soon as possible because ink gets quickly spread. Ink on the carpet gets into the gap and mixes with the colour of threads. Cleaning ink stains by usual washing methods does not give the desired result. Our professionals have the right tool and chemicals to eliminate such types of stains.
  • Bloodstain Removal: Blood on the carpet is an extreme scenario, and if blood gets dried over the carpet, then the pain may end to an unbelievable degree. These stains belong to the category of the stubborn stains that produce a permanent mark on the carpets if not managed on time. That is why it is always suggested to wash the stains as soon as it occurs. The cleaning products that our carpet specialist use to clean the bloodstains from the carpet are highly effective and result best when used with our expert knowledge.
  • Coffee Stain Removal: The stain of coffee does not easily get cleaned. It leaves a deep stain within seconds that does not get away by normal washing. Take the help of expert carpet cleaners of our company to have stain-free carpet. Our technicians remove effectively removes the stain of the coffee without affecting any thread and colour of the carpet.

All kind of Stain Removal

Emergency Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpets get dirty often, dust slowly builds upon the surface of the capet, to but things get messy when spills and stain happened over the carpet. Back 2 New carpet cleaning Newstead provides quality carpet cleaning service in case you need an emergency carpet cleaning service anywhere in Newstead. Now we are proud to offer same day carpet cleaning service, in which we accept the services of clients when demands for same day cleaning services arises. If you are looking for emergency carpet cleaning service, call us at our number, we assure that we will provide you with the best service without compromising the quality of the carpet.

How Back 2 New Carpet Cleaning Benefits You?

With years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry, Back 2 New carpet cleaning Newstead has come to implement effective green carpet cleaning service in both residential and commercial environment. We have adopt a smart, forward thinking approach, providing professional carpet cleaning service in Newstead that will benefit the environment and the health of your family members. Our team always keep your health and well-being at our top priority. Our cleaning services will benefit you in various ways like:

  • Use of eco-friendly chemicals for pets and kids’ safety.
  • Flexible booking times
  • Family-owned carpet cleaning Company
  • 100% elimination of bacteria from carpet
  • Anti-allergic carpet treatment

Keep Your Carpet Clean with Back 2 New Carpet Steam Cleaners

Back 2 New Cleaning Newstead is the team of a professional and an experts who knows all the best methods and techniques regarding removing all kind of stains and spots. We are best in providing carpet steam cleaning, dry carpet cleaning, small or large room carpet steam cleaning, lounge room carpet cleaning, hallway carpet steam cleaning, carpet stair cleaning. Along with cleaning, we provide carpet repairing service too at the competitive price. We are Newstead top and the prime choice. So, book our service anytime for anywhere is Australia. 

That’s How We Work

  • Clean Fragrance after carpet steam cleaning by deodorizing the carpet
  • Sanitization process over the carpet to kill germs and harmful bacteria underneath layers of your carpet
  • We use Hot Water Extraction Method for Carpet Cleaning
  • Quick Carpet Drying you may walk straight after steam cleaning on your carpets
  • Eco-Friendly Chemicals used considering the safety of your pets and kids.
  • Our Carpet Cleaning Professionals got over more than ten years of experience in carpet cleaning
  • Always on time and exceeding customer’s expectations.

Back 2 New Carpet Cleaning Professional Carpet Cleaning Solution in Newstead & Surrounding Areas

Newstead is an inner northern riverside suburb in the City of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. If you want the carpet cleaning service in or around the areas of Newstead , Just contact us. Nearby areas where we serve are:

Service That Will Deep Clean Your Carpet

If you have you day to day carpet cleaning to clean up your carpets, let us tell you that vacuuming only removes the dirt from the surface of the carpet and not deep inside it. Back 2 New carpet cleaning Newstead provides you deep clean service that will reach to the deepest and hidden dust, dirt, grime present in your carpet and remove them effectively without damaging the quality of your carpet. We are also capable of removing any deepest and toughest stain from your carpet easily. We knew all the carpet cleaning methods in a better way that will provide you an amazing results. 

Your Local Carpet Cleaner

Do you want a local carpet cleaner in your area who can provide you customised service and amazing results? If so, you have come to the right place. Back 2 New carpet cleaning is well known in Newstead for its great service and price. We are family owned business and committed to provide eco-friendly carpet cleaning service that will maintain your carpet for years and will provide you service within your budget. 

  • Local Carpet Cleaning Experts
  • Carpet Healthguard Services Available
  • Local contractors for rapid response in case of emergency
  • Deep Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Increases the life of your carpets
  • Protect the carpet fabric by hiring local cleaners
  • Eliminate stubborn stains & smell from your carpets with natural methods

End of Lease Carpet Cleaner Newstead

End of lease carpet cleaning created issues regarding its cleaning. The owner normally do not get satisfied with the condition of the carpet. To save yourself from paying the amount of new carpet, you can opt to get it cleaned by the professionals. You may be worried about the company which will offer best and affordable carpet cleaning service. Undoubtedly, come to Back 2 New carpet cleaning Newstead where you will get professional service in different range and who will clean up your carpet perfectly. For best and affordable end of lease carpet cleaning service, just make your way to Back 2 New carpet cleaners. We are always there to help you.

End of Lease Carpet Cleaning

Keep Your Home & Office Carpets Cleaned With Back 2 New Carpet Cleaning

Back 2 New carpet cleaning Newstead believe that customers always comes first and that means a safe and breathable environment with amazing services. We have been in the industry since years, we continue to provide carpet cleaning services for residential and commercial clients. Back 2 New carpet cleaning have been one of the top Newstead’s carpet cleaning company for many years.

We have built our business on quality work at affordable price. We never take any service too large or too small and done our all the jobs with dedication. We always believe in serving our customers with the best of the knowledge and technologies we have with us. We take pride on ourselves that we never leave our clients in doubt and provides them 100% satisfaction through our treatment.

Residential carpet Cleaning

Why Back 2 New Carpet Cleaner?

  • 2 New Carpet Dry Cleaning Newstead leaves the carpets completely walk-on dry.
  • During the cleaning process, our specialist carpet cleaning machine infuses Health guard with our cleaning solutions to remove mold, germs and bacteria.
  • Exclusive dry cleaning solutions eliminate more stains than other cleaning processes
  • Our 4-step cleaning process has proven to produce incredible carpe efficiently.
  • Uses 90% of Less Water

Why We Choosed To be Best?

There are several reasons that set us apart from other carpet cleaning companies. Although some of them are discussed below, that will give you the idea about our working methodology and quality.

  • All the stains should be removed properly.
  • We use proper steam and shampooing service over the carpet.
  • Emergency service is delivered 24/7.
  • Deep cleaning of the carpets by using high-grade tools.
  • We do not harm your property or product while conveying our service.
  • Careful handling of your household articles while carpet cleaning.

Contact Us Anytime, We Will Be Present At Your Place Immediately

Back 2 New Cleaning provides complete customer satisfaction. We are the team of experienced and professional technicians and experts who have full knowledge about the carpet cleaning and its various methods. We are capable of dealing with all types of carpets. We have a number of positive customer feedback. We know that our carpet cleaning service is of such standard that all those who need carpet cleaning service in Newstead will be coming to us. We have kept a large number of team and we are active 24*7 hours so that our customers get the flexible schedule for booking. It makes the services comfortable for them as everyone wants the service in time of their own choice. Our experts create an environment that is safe for your family, kids, and pets. Our cleaning process depicts what level of service we deliver. We have experts for every type of residential and commercial carpets cleaning. Don’t wait for it anymore. Call us today on 0488 850 862. 

Back2New Carpet Cleaning

Back 2 New Carpet Cleaning Specialities

Our Specialities

Back 2 New carpet cleaning Newstead’s customers has rated our services as best and always make sure that they come to us everytime they need carpet cleaning service. We’ll do anything to provide our customers satisfactory results after our cleaning method. We take pride on ourselves offering environment friendly carpet cleaning solutions that will treat your carpet deeply and effectively and also will keep your home environment safe and healthy.

  • We have fully experienced and certified team of carpet cleaning.
  • We have years of experience in carpet cleaning service.
  • Service to Residential & Commercial Places.
  • No shrinkage, watermarks or split seams.
  • Eco-friendly cleaning solutions💚.
  • Work in festive season & Weekends also.
  • Affordable Price.
  • No Hidden Charges on our Emergency service.

Our expert and certified cleaner are highly trained and have complete knowledge regarding all kind of carpet cleaning solutions. We not only provide our services in Newstead but also in its nearby location with a motive of cleaning your carpet in a best manner and offers you amazing carpet cleaning. 

Location: Newstead, QLD, Australia

Frequently Asked Question on Carpet Cleaning Newstead:

There are many carpet cleaning companies. Why should I hire Back 2 New carpet cleaning Newstead?

We have been cleaning carpets since many years. We love to put smile on our customers face that comes after our best service. Back 2 New carpet cleaners deep clean your carpet and remove all toxic and pollutants present in the fabric effectively. Our all the prices are affordable and we provide same day service too.

What should I do to prepare for Back 2 New carpet cleaning?

Back 2 New carpet cleaning appreciates if the customer provides the cleaning team with the clutter free environment. If that environment does not exist, the team may not be able to fully complete the carpet cleaning.

Do you work on weekends?

Yes, we work around the clock. We do provide services on weekends and public holidays too. We understand that many of our clients don’t really find time on week days so you don’t have to worry. We will be there to clean your carpets on weekends also.

How can I avail your service?

All you have to do is to call at 0488 850 862 or can fill our enquiry form. Once you give the details of your specific requirements, we will be able to provide a rough estimate for the service. 

How to get rid of old coffee stains?

For removing the old coffee stain, we use an effective carpet stain removal solution. Our technicians are qualified and will easily remove the old coffee stain and other stains from the carpet.

What is more secure- dry cleaning or steam cleaning for carpet?

All methods works separately and affect the carpets differently. Both methods are effective for carpet cleaning. To get these services, you need to call to our professionals.