Carpet Cleaning Palmwoods

Prefer the leading carpet cleaning service in Palmwoods 

Looking for a reliable carpet cleaning company in Palmwoods? Choose us to be at your service. We are a leading company in the area of carpet cleaning. Our services are reliable and quick. They perform the tasks professionally. Therefore, don’t delay the process. Back 2 New Cleaning has affordable methods to choose from. Depending on the situation of your carpet. We will treat it accordingly.  Call us on 0488 850 862 to get your carpets a great cleanse today ! 

Services we provide at Palmwoods 

Choose from the most affordable options you will find. There are the services you can get in Palmwoods.

  • Carpet shampooingYes, we can shampoo you carpets. This will give it a thorough cleanse. We make sure to rinse it thoroughly.
  • Carpet odour removal – It is important to get rid of odours from carpets. They can make your whole house stink. No matter how much you clean your home, it will smell. Thus, call us today to give it a fresh look.
  • Carpet steam cleaning and Hot Water Extraction –  We use steam and hot water to dissolve all spills and dirt. The high pressure will get rid of all the unwanted debris.
  • Carpet stain removal – Stain removal is not an easy process. Stains can be oily and greasy. Normal detergents won’t remove them completely. Thus, we use suitable products to make your carpets new. 
  • Carpet sanitisation –  It is very easy to understand that your carpets might have so many germs in them. Make sure the company sanitizes your carpets everytime. We provide affordable sanitizing services. 
  • End of Lease Carpet Cleaning – Don’t worry about the time. We can understand how end of lease works. Consider our team for a quick carpet cleaning procedure. Hope you have the best carpet cleaning experience with us. 
  • Carpet mould removal – Moulds are developed along with fungus on carpets. Therefore they can cause stink and infections to your family. 
Carpet Cleaning Palmwoods

Benefits of Hiring Carpet Cleaners 

You must be thinking why do you need someone to clean your carpets? Well carpets can have unimaginable things in them. But the dirt we see is just the surface ones. Moreover, lots of hair and other debris is hidden in the fibres of the carpets. Therefore, a professional help seems to be a wise choice. Don’t think about it much. It’s a necessity one time investment. Your carpets and your home deserves it. Choose our affordable services and have a happy lively home. 

Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning 

This is a really common equipment used in carpet cleaning. The cleaning equipment and upholstery is fixated on the truck. Basically, it is mounted on the trailer of the van or a truck. It is used for hot water extraction methods. Or also the steam cleaning methods. It is a powerful source of cleaning. This one is the most reliable method of vacuuming. Therefore, we provide professional truck mounted carpet cleaning services. If it’s sounding all technical and expensive. That’s not the case. We provide affordable cleaning options thus you might be surprised seeing at your quote. 

Why Choose Carpet Cleaning Services From Us?

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us – 

  1. Environmental friendly products – We use environment safe products. Thus the chemicals are not toxic to earth. Also they are non problematic to your kids and home. 
  2. Industry experience – We have a 20 year industry experience. Therefore, we are reliable and trustworthy. 
  3. Professionalism – A professional company handles things with a positive attitude. They use professional equipment. Therefore, we make sure to involve advanced technology in our services. 
  4. Same day services – We also provide same day services. You can choose whether you want the carpets cleaned immediately or on the same day. We have flexible payment options. 
  5. Affordable pricing along with quality services – It’s not always necessary that good services come with a high cost. Hence, we provide affordable options for you. 
  6. Skills and abilities – Our team is verified professionals. They are trained well with experience. Thus, they inherit the required skills. 

Hence, we look forward to working with you. Contact our customer service today!


Is it possible to remove pet odours and urine from the carpets ?

Yes, we do remove odours and other spills from the carpets. With professional methods like hot water extraction it is easily done. Moreover, you will have a fresh clean carpet at your home after this.

Is hot water or steam harmful for carpets?

Firstly, it seems like they might damage the fibers of the carpets. But the case is otherwise. Hot water and steam is considered the best method for carpet cleaning. Thus, it will help in dissolving the debris and greasiness.

How fast can your team reach my place?

Once you contact us our team will reach your place in one hour.

Location: Palmwoods, 4555, QLD, Australia