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Exceptional Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast

Image result for cleaning  iconBack 2 New Carpet Cleaning make your Carpet Better with Amazing Cleaning

If you want to get your dirty carpet cleaned, Back 2 New Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast is best choice for you. We clean all dirt from your carpet deeply and make it better! Our skilled cleaners know the best tricks to tackle with stubborn stains & smell from your carpets. Also, our all solutions for carpet cleaning are eco-friendly so you can book us without any worry.

Back 2 New Carpet Cleaning offer exceptional carpet cleaning services for your branded carpets. Our excellent cleaning methods are very effective which surely give the best result of cleaning dirty carpet. Come to us now and get our budget friendly Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast services.

We provide affordable and trustworthy carpet cleaning service. We are experts in stained carpet cleaning and have been offering carpet cleaning services across Sunshine Coast and its nearby surroundings. We use eco-friendly carpet cleaning service for your dirty carpet and ensure that your pets and kids are safe from allergens.

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Why is Expert Carpet Cleaning Important?

carpet cleaning sunshine coast

Every day we welcome unwanted guests into our house like car exhaust, germs, chemicals, cigarette smoke, stain, bacteria, dust etc. They all live deep inside the carpet therefore when you clean the surface of your carpet by DIY cleaning methods they remain unaffected. The FACT is that you will not be able to clean the insides of the carpet deeply no matter how hard you try on your own.

When you clean a carpet yourself can lead to problems such as:

  • Using too much water on the carpet
  • Wrong detergents
  • Not correct methods
  • Too many toxic chemicals
  • After cleaning failing to dry the carpet area completely
  • Failing to rinse the chemical solution out of the carpet fabric

Any of these problems can cause damage to your carpet.

On the other hand, Expert carpet cleaners have the necessary equipment and expertise to extract all contaminants from the deepest of the carpet layers.

Key Benefits of Steam Cleaning and Protection Image result for carpet icon

Our top cleaner offering a premium carpet steam cleaning service at an affordable price. We can improve the condition and life of your dirty & stained carpet. After carpet steam cleaning you will get carpet look like new, also steam cleaning protect your carpet.

  • Less allergens and dust-mites in your house
  • All Odor removed after our deodorizing treatment
  • Softer and fresh feel carpet
  • Clean carpets add value to your house
  • Extended life of your carpet investment

After applying carpet protection, future stain and spot removal is much easier.


Our Exclusive Carpet Cleaning Packages in Sunshine Coast

Carpet Steam Cleaning Empty Furnished
Bedroom* $119* $155*
Lounge / Family Room* $60* $75*
Hallway / Landing* $40- $60* $45- $65*
Cost Per Stair* $3.00* $5.00*
Carpet Protection Services (per sqm)* $3* $4*
Carpet Flea Treatment per room* $35* $45*

* Above mentioned prices are for carpet steam cleaning only. We expect carpet to be cleaned & vacuumed before our technician’s arrival, additional charged may apply for $10 extra applies for stained treatment, very dirty & heavily soiled carpet.

*Terms & Condition Apply ( Minimum price is $120 )

carpet cleaning sunshine coast

Best Quality Carpet Cleaning

Being a leading Carpet Cleaning company in Sunshine Coast, we offer the best quality deep carpet cleaning, carpet deodorisation, carpet stain removal & stain protection services at affordable prices in Sunshine Coast. Book the top carpet cleaning technicians and extend the life of your home carpets. ☎ on 0488 850 862 for the same day booking and get 15% discount. Professional domestic & commercial steam cleaners specialised in carpet stain removal, carpet protection, Heathguard and carpet spot treatment services in Sunshine Coast. Our local steam carpet cleaning specialists are available in northern, southern, eastern and western suburbs of Sunshine Coast.

Get Your Carpets Cleaned Like the Right Way!!!

Back 2 New Carpet Cleaning is the best and most reliable source when it comes to carpet cleaning services. We have years of experience and trained professionals that look after about all of your carpet cleaning need. Give us a call and book an appointment with us and forget about the bothering about all types of carpet cleaning. Our professionals use the high-grade equipment and techniques so that we stand out of the league. You can always trust us with your assets for cleaning purposes as we use only environment-friendly cleaners and methods that do not hamper your assets.

Excellent Carpet Cleaning Service

Back 2 New Cleaning offer spotless carpet cleaning service. We uses the latest methods in cleaning and maintaining your carpets. ONLY professional cleaning will remove the deep dirt. Our work culture is top-notch, and we are known for our efficiency and reliability. We also try to keep an extraordinary bond with our customers which go beyond client relationship. For us, the client-seller relationship is not just about money; our team instead focus on building long-term trust, which is exemplified by our customer testimonials. Back 2 New Cleaning provides carpet cleaning for both commercial and residential buildings. Our experts have also deal with some of the government projects.

Specifically, we are mentioning some of the great features that will give you some idea about our working culture and professional attitude.

Quick And Reliable Service Delivery
Quick and reliable service delivery
Unique And Innovative Steam Cleaning Technique
Unique and innovative steam cleaning technique
Guaranteed customer satisfaction
Professionalism And Integrity By Team Of Experts
Professionalism and integrity by team of experts
Excellent Customer Care Even After Delivery Of Services
Excellent customer care even after delivery of services
Guaranteed Stain Removal
Guaranteed stain removal
Guaranteed Mould Removal
Guaranteed mould removal
Certification From The IICRC
Certification from the IICRC
Cheap And Affordable Pricing
Cheap and affordable pricing

Premier Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast

Back 2 New Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast delivers amazing carpet cleaning services that not just clean the carpet but also makes your carpet hygienic to use.

  • Expert cleaning extends the life of your carpet
  • Reduce & Prevent Indoor Allergies after carpet cleaning
  • Improve the air quality in house and office.
  • Gives new look of your dirty carpet
  • Enhance the Appearance of your Place
  • Improve the Life span of the Carpet
  • Dust mites & grime removed using steam cleaning
  • Maintaining real color of your carpet.

Top Tips on Carpet Cleaning

Accurately cleaned and managed carpet lasts twice as its life. Here are some practical tips that you should follow for keeping your carpet new and fresh for more years.

  • Remove the stains quickly
  • Vacuum carpets once a week, vacuum wall-to-wall carpeting
  • Save your carpet fabrics Scratchcard
  • Do not blot spills with coloured clothes
  • Place rug at the entrance
  • Add baking soda to the bag in your vacuum to fight smell
  • Before using any cleaning solution, make sure color of carpet will not fade
  • Do not rub the spill

carpet cleaning Numerous Carpet Cleaning Service for all Type of Carpetcarpet cleaning

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast

If you want fresh looking carpet then Carpet Encapsulation is best technique for cleaning carpet. Back 2 New Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast provide professional & affordable encapsulation carpet cleaning service to clean your dusty, dirty carpet & you will get dust, germ, spot & dirt free carpet. Our cleaning services most cost effective & reliable. It is somehow similar to dry cleaning. In this process, the encapsulating chemical solution is sprayed onto the carpet and then brushed into the carpet using bonnet, CRB counter rotating brush. This detergent encapsulates the dirt and dust particles from the carpet, and the carpet gets dried in just 20 minutes. But it is not effective on the heavily dirty carpet.

dry carpet cleaningCarpet Shampooing Cleaning Sunshine Coast

For fresh appearance, and the removal of stains, dirt, and allergens from carpet, carpet shampooing method right choice for you. After shampooing carpets look like new & smelling fresh. Professional cleaner of Back 2 New Cleaning Sunshine Coast uses deep cleaning method to clean and sanitise your dirty carpets by carpet shampooing method. This process is best when your carpets are heavily dirty, stained, and stinky. Our professional team initially investigate the fabric of your carpet to make sure that the shampooing is the right procedure. Once we are sure, go ahead with the process by using eco-friendly shampoos. Our carpet shampooing services are completely safe for your pets and kids and do not cause any harm to the environment too.

bonnet cleaning carpet
Bonnet Cleaning Carpet

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Majority of carpet manufacturing companies recommended for hot water extraction carpet cleaning because this method extremely effective for cleaning & this cleaning process prevents carpet fibres from shrinking and also removes all carpet stains well. With the help of advanced technologies and certified methods, Back 2 New Cleaning Sunshine Coast team has taken the carpet cleaning to a whole new level. Our professional use hot water extraction method to make your carpets free from bacteria, stains, germs and other contaminants. Hot water Extraction is a popularly used and proven technique that makes your carpet exceptionally cleaned. This technique requires the use of hot pressurized water (steam) inside the carpet by combing with the cleaning solutions & soil being removal by a powerful vacuum.

carpet mould removal
Carpet Mould Removal

Organic & Non Toxic Carpet Cleaning Services

Back 2 New Cleaning Sunshine Coast uses a modern approach to clean the carpet but yet has environmentalist thought while delivering their carpet cleaning services. Our team members understand the importance of surroundings and environment; that’s why we use eco-friendly chemicals and tools for cleaning the carpet. We continually emphasis on using green and eco-green products for the treatment of stains. No harmful or polluting products are used while delivering the carpet cleaning service. Our professionals ensure that while delivering the services, the quality of your carpet does not get damaged. Hire our fully trained floor covering cleaning team today!

We Clean All Kind of Carpets in Sunshine Coast

Back 2 New Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast offer all kind of carpet stain, spot, dirt removal service. We provides budget-friendly carpet cleaning services. Our clients get back for which they pay. We know that the customer will pay happily when he is completely satisfied with the service. Our carpet cleaners deliver the best service, keeping in mind the need and demand of the customer. We are just one call away to you. Call us today to experience our pocket, friendly carpet cleaning services.

carpet encapsulation cleaning
Carpet Encapsulation Cleaning

Dry Carpet Cleaner Sunshine Coast

Dry cleaning of carpet is another effective & affordable method for carpets that have stains and dust. Our professional makes your carpet free from accumulated dust, mould, stains, and allergens. This process involves applying a no-water or very less water-based cleaning solution. We mostly use foam-like solutions to the affected areas of the carpets. Then heavy duty machine is used to move the solution deeper into the carpet thread after that vacuum cleaner is used to suck up the cleaning solution along with the dirt and stains, which results in cleaned carpets. Book most trusted carpet cleaning expert of Back 2 New Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast & get fresh, dirt-free, spotless & germ free carpet. We are specialized dry carpet cleaners for all type of carpets.

carpet shampooing
carpet shampooing

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning Service Sunshine Coast

Bonnet carpet cleaning is the most preferred cleaning technique especially for those who are searching for fast dry time. The detergent is appropriately sprayed over the carpet in the bonnet carpet cleaning. A pad attached to a motor get soaked in the cleaning solution and starts spinning over the top of a carpet with the speed of 100 to 300 rpm. The pad consumes all the dirt particles from the carpet. It requires regular cleaning or replacement because it fills up with dirt immediately, often every few hundred square feet; and after becoming full, it starts spraying the dirt instead. Book our affordable carpet cleaning to get soil & bacteria free carpet. But bonnet carpet cleaning is not very effective when it comes to high traffic areas on carpet & heavily soiled carpet.

hot water extraction
hot water extraction

Carpet Mould Removal Service Sunshine Coast

Wet carpet attract mould, need to regular clean up of carpet & make your your carpet is dry. Growth of mould over the carpet is a severe problem that homeowners & business owners should not be overlooked. For the sake of your kids and loved one’s health, the mould growth over carpet should be treated as soon as possible. Mould development on your carpet can cause respiratory disease, skin allergies, coughing, sneezing, wheezing, asthma and numerous other issues. the home where pets and kids are residing, the carpet with mould is a source of tension. Hire Back 2 New Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast for mould eradication from your valuable carpet at reliable cost.

Carpet Sanitisation & Deodorization Sunshine Coast

The floor decors of your home, i.e., carpets, may have dangerous germs, pathogens, and bacteria that have a direct impact on your health and well being. It is essential to treat the carpet and get rid of germs to prevent diseases. Stained carpets that are loaded with bacteria will also deliver a bad odour. This lousy odour will affect indoor air quality as well. Back 2 New Cleaning Sunshine Coast provides you with the best carpet sanitization and carpet deodorization service all across Sunshine Coast. We use safe and effective products to clean the carpet. Our professionals sanitize and deodorize the carpet with the natural products so that it can add freshness and fragrance to the carpet.

Rug Cleaning Specialist in Sunshine Coast

Rugs are small is the size and cover the specific place, and they are easy to remove. It does not get fixed at a particular location. you can use it anywhere you require. People mostly prefer to clean it by themselves. But the person who deals with hectic schedule does not get enough time to clean the rugs. We give rug cleaning service all over Sunshine Coast. To enjoy the benefit of our services, make a booking with us today. With our expert cleaners and extraordinary washing techniques, all the stubborn and stain will be effectively removed from the rugs.

Carpet Stain Removal – Get Fresh, Clean & Dry Carpet

  • Red Wine Stain Removal: Red wine on the carpet? Don’t worry; Back 2 New Cleaning Sunshine Coast is here to solve your problem. Our carpet cleaning experts help you with the most suitable solutions as wine stains are the hardest types of stains that get cleaned by applying much of the efforts. Cleaning this stain by ownself may result in damaged carpet fibres. Therefore, it is advised to call the carpet’s professionals for wine stain removal. We offer guaranteed results for our services at an affordable cost.
  • Ink Stain Removal: Our professionals blot the dropped ink with the paper so that it can absorb a large quantity of ink as soon as possible because ink gets quickly spread. Ink on the carpet gets into the gap and mixes with the colour of threads. Cleaning ink stains by usual washing methods does not give the desired result. Our professionals have the right tool and chemicals to eliminate such types of stains.
  • Bloodstain Removal: Blood on the carpet is an extreme scenario, and if blood gets dried over the carpet, then the pain may end to an unbelievable degree. These stains belong to the category of the stubborn stains that produce a permanent mark on the carpets if not managed on time. That is why it is always suggested to wash the stains as soon as it occurs. The cleaning products that our carpet specialist use to clean the bloodstains from the carpet are highly effective and result best when used with our expert knowledge.
  • Coffee Stain Removal: The stain of coffee does not easily get cleaned. It leaves a deep stain within seconds that does not get away by normal washing. Take the help of expert carpet cleaners of our company to have stain-free carpet. Our technicians remove effectively removes the stain of the coffee without affecting any thread and colour of the carpet.

carpet cleaning Sunshine Coast

Carpet Cleaner Sunshine Coast – Dust, Dirt & Germ Free Carpet!

We offer carpet cleaning services across Sunshine Coast. If you need carpet cleaning done in an emergency, we are just 1 call away. Our carpet cleaning professionals can reach your residence on the same day of the call. Our carpet cleaners work 365 days including public holidays & weekends. Our carpet cleaning services are available at affordable costs. Moreover, you can also get in touch with us online and we are open on weekdays too. So, Don’t wait, Book our affordable, safe & reliable floor covering cleaning service today & get fresh & clean carpet.

Get The Benefits of Our Floor Covering Cleaning Service

Back 2 New Cleaning Sunshine Coast is trained in cleaning all varieties of carpets in Sunshine Coast. We professionally deal with carpets so that no damage occurs over the carpet. We are trained in both residential and commercial carpet cleaning services. Some of our specific features are:

  • Use of eco-friendly chemicals for pets and kids’ safety.
  • Flexible booking times
  • Family-owned carpet cleaning Company
  • 100% elimination of bacteria from carpet
  • Anti-allergic carpet treatment

Keep Your Carpet Clean with Back 2 New Carpet Steam Cleaners

Back 2 New Cleaning Sunshine Coast – Our team has lots of experience and expertise in all types of carpet cleaning methods such as carpet steam cleaning, dry carpet cleaning, small or large room carpet steam cleaning, lounge room carpet cleaning, hallway carpet steam cleaning, carpet stair cleaning. Also, we provide carpet repair services in Sunshine Coast at the best price. We are Sunshine Coast’s Premier Steam Cleaning Company. Our professionals are ready to work 24 hours and seven days anywhere and anytime in Sunshine Coast.

That’s How We Work

  • Clean Fragrance after carpet steam cleaning by deodorizing the carpet
  • Sanitization process over the carpet to kill germs and harmful bacteria underneath layers of your carpet
  • We use Hot Water Extraction Method for Carpet Cleaning
  • Quick Carpet Drying you may walk straight after steam cleaning on your carpets
  • Eco-Friendly Chemicals used considering the safety of your pets and kids.
  • Our Carpet Cleaning Professionals got over more than ten years of experience in carpet cleaning
  • Always on time and exceeding customer’s expectations.

Back 2 New Carpet Cleaning Services in all Suburbs of Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast is a peri-urban area in Brisbane, Queensland & located 100 km north of the state capital Brisbane. Call us any time, and we will clean your carpets with our full dedication. Back 2 New Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast provides all carpet cleaning services in all suburbs of Sunshine Coast. Some mentioned below:

Get Benefits Of Carpet Deep Cleaning Service

The carpet lying at the floor bears most of the dirt and blemishes. Continuous exposure of dust over the carpet generates the need to buy new carpet. To get rid of this problem, get carpet deep cleaning service today by Back 2 New Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast. We work in a team and deals with all types of cleaning issues. Our team generates superb results in smaller and larger areas by their quality work. We inspect and clean all kinds of carpets, using appropriate cleaning products and tools. Wool carpet cleaning is one of the specialties that we are recognized for it.

Local & Fully Experienced Carpet Cleaning in Sunshine Coast

Our experts are available in all areas of Sunshine Coast. We are equipped with modern tools and products. Our carpet specialist reaches your described address within a few hours of booking. Being carpet experts, we recognize our clients’ anxieties completely and thus help them with the best solution for carpet cleaning in Sunshine Coast at affordable prices.

  • Local Carpet Cleaning Experts
  • Carpet Health guard Services Available
  • Local contractors for rapid response in case of emergency
  • Deep Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Increases the life of your carpets
  • Protect the carpet fabric by hiring local cleaners
  • Eliminate stubborn stains & smell from your carpets with natural methods

End of Lease Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast

Are you in the process of moving out to another place and looking for the best end of lease carpet cleaning service provider in Sunshine Coast? Then most welcome to Back 2 New Cleaning Sunshine Coast. Back 2 New Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast deals with both types of carpets, either it is leased one or its own. Leasing carpet is an inexpensive alternative if you do not want to spend money on buying a new carpet. We remove all of your worries while returning leased carpet by removing the stains and bringing back it to the original look.

end of lease carpet cleaning Sunshine Coast

Book Us for Commercial and Residential Carpet Cleaning Services

Back 2 New Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast offer carpet cleaning service to homeowners & businessowners. After part carpet cleaning service also provided by us. All carpets get messy ultimately. Since there are several DIY carpet cleaning tools available, but they do not provide lasting impacts. While some carpet cleaning companies use powerful cleaning chemicals so that most dirt and grime can be removed with eco-friendly solutions. We use eco-friendly cleaning products that are biodegradable and safe for your family. Our cleaning methods reduce mould, germs, bacteria, and other dust mites that are harmful to your health.

Back 2 New Cleaning has built an excellent reputation in the cleaning industry and aims to give standard services on which customer can count on. We serve all the areas, including the Sunshine Coast CBD, Southside, Western and Northside suburbs.

carpet cleaner Sunshine Coast

Benefits of Hiring Back 2 New Carpet Cleaner Sunshine Coast

  • Back 2 New Carpet Dry Cleaning Sunshine Coast leaves the carpets completely walk-on dry.
  • During the cleaning process, our specialist carpet cleaning machine infuses Health guard with our cleaning solutions to remove mold, germs and bacteria.
  • Exclusive dry cleaning solutions eliminate more stains than other cleaning processes
  • Our 4-step cleaning process has proven to produce incredible carpe efficiently.
  • Uses 90% of Less Water

What Makes Our Carpet Cleaning Services Best in Sunshine Coast?

There are several reasons that set us apart from other carpet cleaning companies. Although some of them are discussed below, that will give you the idea about our working methodology and quality.

  • All the stains should be removed properly.
  • We use proper steam and shampooing service over the carpet.
  • Emergency service is delivered 24/7.
  • Deep cleaning of the carpets by using high-grade tools.
  • We do not harm your property or product while conveying our service.
  • Careful handling of your household articles while carpet cleaning.

Emergency Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast

Back 2 New Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast offer emergency carpet cleaning service & emergency water restoration service on same day to homeowners & business-owners right across Sunshine Coast. For emergency carpet cleaning, our carpet cleaner Team is here for you. Our expert get you out of any mess and get your carpets back to looking like new again.

We have earned an excellent reputation for fast response and providing same day carpet cleaning service. Call us anytime, and we are always ready to help you. Our highly experienced Sunshine Coast emergency carpet cleaners team inspect your carpet and evaluate the actions that need to be taken for the best results. Hire us today to get same day carpet cleaning service at reasonable price.


Why Choose Our Excellent Cleaner for Carpet Cleaning?

why choose us

At Back 2 New Carpet Cleaning, We ensure that our clients are completely satisfied.

  • We offer Best Deals on Carpet Cleaning Service
  • Certified, Skilled & Experienced Local Carpet Cleaner
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Provided
  • Honest, friendly and reliable Cleaning Staff
  • Flexible Carpet Cleaning Schedule
  • Same Day and Emergency Carpet Cleaning Service
  • Eco-friendly, effective and safe carpet cleaning solutions

We have full knowledge of carpet cleaning; we know that your time is precious, which is why our excellent and experienced technicians quickly come to your place after booking.

Location: Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia

Frequently Asked Question on Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast:

Do you have to remove furniture before carpet cleaning?

Yes we remove furniture before carpet cleaning if necessary.

How much does it cost for carpet cleaning?

Back 2 New carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast price based on the dirt of carpet, square footage of the carpet area that we clean. The cleaning team measures the area and gives you the complete cost before he starts the cleaning job.

Do you use child-friendly or pet-friendly carpet cleaning products?

Yes, Back 2 New Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast uses Child-friendly and pet-friendly cleaning products. Our all cleaning solutions are eco-friendly, safe and effective.

Do you provide carpet stain removal service?

Yes, We provide all types of stain treatment service from your carpet like nail polish stain removal, slime stain removal, blood stain removal, ink stain removal & many more.

How many times a year should I have carpets cleaned?

Carpet Cleaning depends on a number of things such as the no. of occupants in the household, pets, smokers, children and dirt on carpet. On average you should clean your carpets every 6 months.

Can I walk on the carpet after cleaning?

Avoid heavy traffic until the carpet is completely dry, it is acceptable to walk on the carpet with clean shoes or clean socks, if any emergency.