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Carpet Repair Brisbane

Carpet Repair Brisbane

A Trusted Carpet Repair Company in Brisbane

Welcome to Back 2 New Cleaning – we deliver the highest quality of service for Carpet Repair Brisbane. Reliable carpet repair solutions, affordable carpet restretching cost, latest carpet repairing tools, trained & skilled professionals – are some of our service highlights. With years of rich experience in the carpet industry, we deliver diligent and quality carpet fixing for every minor and major carpet damages.

So, if you are looking for assured service for carpet repairs service in Brisbane then Back 2 New Cleaning is the right place for you. We deliver all sorts of carpet repairing services including carpet patch padding, carpet stretching, carpet renovation, carpet fixing and carpet restoration from accidental damage. Once you get carpets to repair from us, you don’t have to worry about them ever. Our team has expertise in treating your precious carpets with the utmost attention. Call us to make an appointment!

Carpet Repair Brisbane
Carpet Repair Solutions

Exceptional Carpet Repair Brisbane Solutions

Back 2 New Cleaning offers the finest range of residential & commercial carpet repairs services in Brisbane such as:

  • Cigarette Burns Repair
  • Fix Carpet Worn Areas
  • Carpet Patches Repair
  • Fix Carpet Tiled Edge
  • Pet Damage Repair
  • Hair Straightener Carpet Burn 
  • Carpet Re-tufting Service
  • Fix Joins And Splits
  • Fix Iron Burns
  • Carpet Hole Repair
  • Carpet Bubbling
  • Stretch Carpet

Call us to make an appointment for any of the above carpet repair Brisbane!

Carpet Pet Damage Repair

Affordable Carpet Tightening And Restretching

Back 2 New Cleaning is the best company to provide service for Carpet Tightening Brisbane and carpet restretching. Hire our licensed carpet fixer if your carpet has anything like:

  • Bumps
  • Lumps
  • Bunching up
  • Slippery carpet
  • Loosened up carpet

Carpet stretching is the ultimate answer to all of the above-mentioned problems. We have appropriate skills, advanced equipment and knowledge to do it properly otherwise you could damage your carpet in an irreparable manner. So let us do it for you with quality results at affordable carpet stretching cost estimate.

Carpet Stretching Services
Carpet Stretching Services

Carpet Pet Damage Repair Service

Pets are loved by us and we make sure that they are happy and well-fed. Cats and dogs are natural predators with claws and paws. Their nails can seriously damage the carpet by cutting and tearing of fibres and often cause irreversible damage. If your carpets have suffered pet damage then we can provide carpet mending and repair service.  The damaged carpet patch can also be removed and replaced by a new piece. 

Carpet Seam Repairs

Do you need professional service for fraying seams? If yes, we have the best carpet stretcher and carpet fixing technicians to help you in a given time. The service called Carpet Seam Repairs is a solution to fix carpet joins and splits. Thus you can hire our team for fraying seam repairs service in Brisbane. Our professional carpet repair team will easily fix and stitch the fibres together. 

Carpet Patching in Brisbane

Carpet patching is the answer to many carpet damage problems like a hole, burn and more. We provide a professional service for carpet repair Brisbane. Our repair technicians are highly trained and skilled in the service. The professionals at us specify the damaged portion and apply the patch with glue or by stitching. The cut piece used is of the same design as the carpet being repaired. This enables us to make the carpet patching an unnoticeable method. 

Carpet Tear Repair Brisbane

We generally blame our pets and kids for carpet damage. But have you ever thought that even carpet beetles or moths are dangerous for your floor coverings? Now, you can get a permanent solution to this problem in Brisbane from us. The technicians will repair the carpet so proficiently that there will be no mark of repairing. Hire our service today and get the restoration of damaged carpets at affordable costs.

Carpet Hole Repair in Brisbane

Holes in your carpet can be due to various reasons and some of them can not be stopped. If your answer is no then you will have to accept the fact that, there are many insects left untreated after your carpets are cleaned which later on becomes the reason for carpet holes. As they feed on carpet material so holes or multiple tears are quite normal in the carpet. Our team working for carpet hole repair targets the main offender and then focus on hole repair. 

Carpet Burn Repair services in Brisbane

Accidents are inevitable. And carpet burns is one such happening that we cannot avoid. The burns can happen from a number of items including iron, hair straightener, curler, or even cigarettes. Trying to cure carpet burns at home is never an option. Also, you don’t have the right tools and skills to restore your carpet to perfection. The professionals of Back 2 New Cleaning can help you with carpet burn repair cost estimate. We make the use of high-end tools and advanced skill to provide the service.

Carpet Iron Burn Repair Brisbane

An accidental fall of a hot iron on your carpet will cause severe burns and damage to the carpet. These burns will completely compromise the integrity of the carpet installation and force you to replace the carpet. We can provide you with iron burn carpet repair Brisbane. We carefully inspect the amount of damage suffered by the carpet and do burnt carpet repair through carpet patching. Also, remove the burnt part of the carpet and replace it with a new one effectively. Hire our carpet iron burn repair service today for complete restoration of burns caused by iron on the carpet.

Cigarette Burns Repair Service

It’s highly suggested and advised that people should never smoke indoors no only to prevent burn damage but also to prevent their loved ones from ill effects of passive smoke. Cigarette burns on carpets can leave a permanent burn and damage on carpets which is irreversible. If a burning cigarette is dropped on the carpet and goes unnoticed can completely devastate the carpet and can also cause indoor fires. Back 2 New cleaning will provide an excellent carpet cigarette burn repair service at your doorstep. Our professional carpet cleaners can remove the burnt part and stitch a new one or rather simple burns are often repair by fixing the fibres of the carpet synthetically.

Cigarette Burn Repair
Cigarette Burn Repair

Quick & Reliable Carpet Water Damage Restoration

Water damages a carpet like nothing else. Once water damages a carpet there is very little you can do about it. However, if you take professional help immediately – before water deeply damages your carpet, there are chances that your carpet can be saved. As a carpet fixing provider Back 2 New Cleaning Brisbane suggests calling us RIGHT AWAY to salvage your carpets. We have hi-tech equipment for water extraction, carpet drying, and carpet sanitization to deliver a dry and clean carpet to you.  

Our carpet water damage restoration service includes:

  • Carpet mould removal
  • Carpet stain repairs
  • Flood/water damage repair
  • Carpet sanitization
  • Loose carpet repairs

Benefits of Choosing Carpet Repair Service

If you are thinking of replacing your old, damaged, or torn off carpets then contact us first for carpet repairs Brisbane. Back 2 New Cleaning repairs your carpets in such a nice manner that you don’t feel like replacing them anymore. Here are some major benefits of choosing our carpet repair and stretching service:

  1. Beautiful carpets – Timely carpet repairs keep the beauty of your carpets intact. It is vital to get those ugly looking carpet holes, carpet burns, carpet pulls, and carpet joins repaired in time.
  2. Long-life for carpets – Regular carpet repairs add more life to your expensive carpets. A torn-off the carpet is bound to live less than a carpet that has been repaired with a patch work. 
  3. No carpet replacement needed – Small carpet repairs lead to bigger returns in terms of cost-saving. If you opt for carpet repairs then there is no need to replace your carpets and they can last long with any major investment.
  4. Long-lasting carpet repairs – When you hire professionals for carpet repairs then you can rely on the quality of the repair work. Usually, it lasts more than the life of the carpet itself, so you can live peacefully.   

Why Choose Back 2 New Cleaning for Carpet Repair in Brisbane?

Back 2 New Cleaning is a leading company to provide service for Carpet Repair Brisbane. We are known for delivering the highest quality work with state-of-the-art customer service. Also,

  • Local carpet repair and carpet repair stretching.
  • We promise the lowest prices for carpet repairs in Brisbane.
  • Our carpet repair specialists are available in all areas of Brisbane.
  • All our carpet experts are certified and licensed to do the job.
  • Deliver the same day and emergency carpet repairs.
  • Provide free, no-obligation quotation for carpet repairs.
  • Carpet Repair Patch Pad As Long-lasting Service
  • Our customer care is operational 24×7; even on weekends & public holidays.

We at Back 2 New Cleaning Brisbane can help you with the finest and trusted carpet repairs. Choose us to save your carpets!

Professional Carpet Damage Repair
Professional Carpet Damage Repair

Contact Us

If you wish to know more about our carpet repairs or our prices then please feel free to call us! We would love to answer all your questions and resolve any queries related to carpet repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions on Carpet Repair Brisbane:

Why should I pay to have my carpet repaired, I could do it myself?

Yes, you can do it yourself but the main problem is of the tools. The service cost is lesser than that of renting those tools. Everyone can not buy it. So when you get the services by the professionals then there are no issues. The company provides all the requirements of the services and makes them repair in the most effective way.

Do you repair all types of carpet?

Our repairing services are meant for almost all types of carpet. For the exceptional cases of different carpet, we arrange professionals. We will say more only after we will inspect the carpet. But there are fewer chances that any type of carpet can escape from our services.

Do you provide a carpet stretching service?

Yes, our carpet stretching service is meant for removing the bulging and ripple in the carpet. We have a dedicated team for stretching services who are highly trained and experienced in it.

What are the advantages of choosing your company?

We are one of the most recognised and trustworthy organisations. These are some of the reasons that make us the foremost in this business:
Affordable prices. 
Eco-friendly solutions
Superior technology. 
Just certified and best technicians. 
Available on Weekends besides. 
Emergency service.

Location: Brisbane, QLD, Australia