What is your strength in the field of Duct Cleaning Industry?

You will get a very good Heater Duct Cleaning from Back 2 New Cleaning Melbourne. We provide the best services of ducted heating cleaning, central duct cleaning services and floor and ceiling duct cleaning. We provide the same day duct cleaning services to our clients. You will find us the safest & Proficient duct cleaning service provider. Back 2 New Cleaning provide you the best safest, cheapest and finest Duct Cleaning Services in Melbourne. We are the dedicated, experienced and licensed business partner.

Why cleaning tiles and grout is essential?

Constant exposure to dust and dirt makes the floor dull and dark. It becomes extremely unhygienic for human health. So, yes cleaning the tiles and the grouts regularly are very essential.

The recommended period of getting your carpet cleaned is between 5- 8 months. This can prevent the growth of molds and fungus.

How do you clean urine and red spots from carpet?

We first pre spray the carpet with performance plus and agitate the same using urine out chemical. Afterwards extraction is done to clean the carpet from urine spots and red spots.

What kind of chemicals do you use for mattress cleaning?

We do not use any chemicals for mattress cleaning. On the contrary, we use only eco-friendly cleaning solutions to give your mattress a cleaner, hygienic, and healthier makeover.

Why do I need carpet cleaning?

Carpet fabrics are prone to attract dirt, soil, dust, dust mites, allergens, and all sorts of contaminants/pollutants. Dirty carpets lead to a pile up of such contaminants and these could cause serious health problems to the inhabitants. Moreover, cleaner carpets last long and look more beautiful than the dirty ones. Your carpets need to be professionally cleaned to stay clean, hygienic, healthy, and young.

Can you clean leather upholstery?

Yes, we are equipped to clean all types of upholstery including leather upholstery. We have special leather cleaning solutions that not just clean leather upholstery but restore its lustre.

How much experience do you have in tile cleaning?

We have been serving Brisbane with the finest and safest tile and grout cleaning services for more than 20 years now.

What kind of chemicals do you use for carpet cleaning?

We use only eco-friendly cleaning solutions to preserve the softness and beauty of your carpets. None of our cleaning solutions contain any kind of chemicals. We don’t leave carbon footprints. We not just keep your carpets but the environment as well.

How long should I stay off my carpet after a professional steam clean?

You should allow a reasonable curing time for the carpet. It is better to use the carpet after that. But it cannot be said certainly. The time depends on the weather, the thickness of carpet, and the level of soiled the carpet is. A few carpets dry under two hours while others may take three to six hours to dry completely. However, it also depends on air movers, Through keeping the windows open and turning ceiling fans on.

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