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How to Clean a Wool Carpet?

Carpet is one of the most integral parts of your decor. It is useful for enhancing the interior looks of your home or office. Moreover, it gives a fluffy feel to the floor and you can match the shades of your interior with that of the floor.  Thinking – How to Clean a Wool Carpet?

Carpets are available in the market in various colors, shades and patterns. Similarly, they are available in various material-knits. Carpets can be of acrylic, blend, polyester, nylon, wool fibers. They are available in knits of similar natural or artificial fibers and all the fibers have different methods of cleaning.

How to Clean a Wool Carpet?

Talking about Wool Carpets, a difference lies in maintaining them than other carpets. Wool fiber is durable and has capability to withstand pressure and load to a great extent. It is also a fire retardant knit material. It gives relatively more elegant and glossy look than other carpet materials. But on the other hand, it requires more care than carpets made out of other fibers.

Regular Methods of Cleaning Wool Carpet

  • Normal Care:

    As a part of the regular carpet cleaning regime, you should focus on the cleanliness of Wool Carpets. The most important and primary requirement for maintaining clean wool carpet is vacuuming. This method will keep your wool carpets clean until and unless any spill something causing stain marks on its surface. Vacuuming should be followed by certain other processes like the following:
  • Shake and Beat you Wool Carpet:

    By this method, you can remove the dust from the pores of the knit of your wool carpet. Take the carpet out of its floor holdings and hold on tightly at two ends. You may require another person for your help. Then shake it in wavy patterns. Fix the carpet vertically and gently pat its surface later using some stick or wand. Continue until you are unable to view anymore dust coming out of its surface.
  • Rotate the Wwool Carpet:

    Rotate the wool carpet once every month. This helps in preserving the shape and structure of the carpet. This also assures uniform wear and tear of the carpet surfaces.
Wool Carpet Stain Removal Method Melbourne
Wool Carpet Stain Removal Method Melbourne

Wool Carpet Stain Removal Method:

In cases of accidental or occasional spills and droppings, take prompt action. Use wool fabric friendly cleaning agents to clean the stained area immediately. To clean stains and marks from the surface of your wool carpet, you can follow a procedure mentioned below:

  • Step 1: – Vacuum the affected area to dislodge loose soil particles and dust.
  • Step 2: – Sprinkle baking powder over the stained area.
  • Step 3: – Mix wool cleaning detergent and white vinegar in equal proportions in a bowl. Dilute that with water and apply on the stained area. Leave for some time.
  • Step 4: – Spray small amount of water and wipe the area with clean cotton cloth or paper towel.
  • Step 5: – Repeat Step 3 and Step 4 until you obtain a stain free surface
  • Step 6: – Dry the carpet and vacuum to absorb the cleaning residue from the surface.
Wool Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne
Wool Carpet Steam Cleaning Sydney

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning your carpet once in a year is a practice you must always follow. While wool can fool you into believing that there is no dirt, some amount of it is always there on wool carpets. Mud, dirt and debris can damage the fibers as well. Hence, steam cleaning is necessary to remove dirt and other contaminants. Make sure to remove all the furniture before carrying out the carpet cleaning process. Also make sure that the carpet is completely dry after cleaning before putting your furniture back in its place. Although taking professional help is the best choice when it comes to carpet steam cleaning, you can even do it yourself. You can even rent a steam cleaner if you don’t own one. Make sure however, that the cleaning solution you use is compatible with your machine.

Removing the Stain from The Wool Carpet

The stain is common to the woollen carpet. We can not soak them completely as they get very heavy and bulky material becomes tough to clean. Thus there is a need for careful cleaning as the threads start coming out even on small scratches. It is advised to call the Local Carpet Cleaning Sydney team and get the stain removal process done in a safe and secure manner.

The Professional Care:

A treat of professional cleaning is also required after prolonged use of wool carpets. The professional carpet cleaning team can give your carpet a new-like look.

Professional Carpet cleaning agencies use updated methods to remove stain and odor from the carpet. They clean and sanitize the carpet with care for the fiber of your carpet. Methods like carpet steam cleaning are very beneficial to restore the new-like look and fluffiness of your wool carpet.

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