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How To Clean Leather Sofa At Home!

The sofa off-course is the most expensive entity in your living room. In fact, whenever I thought of my living room décor or hygiene the first thing comes to my mind is my dream nine seaters white leather sofa. Leather sofas require special attention and care, however, the primary concern is to keep it stain free, shining white and clean. No matters what, you have to take extra care of your sofa when you have guests with kids at home. Obviously, you cannot stop them from jumping on it and can’t even ask them (the kids) to sit somewhere else if, they are eating the snacks offered by you.   

Leather Sofa Cleaning Brisbane

Leather Sofa Cleaning Brisbane

However, you can simply clean the leather sofa at home with some easiest hacks. Depending upon the kind of stain, you can easily clean the sofa through products that are available within your home. As these sofas are delicate to tolerate just any type of regular cleaner so, you have to be cautious while opting for one. I am going to tell you how exactly to clean the leather sofa at home. The methods are not only simple but will save a lot of your money as well.

Sticky substances on the sofa:

If, there is wax, chewing gum or any such material is a twig to the sofa you can put ice cubes for few minutes on it and then remove the same with the help of a spatula or by hands. You can repeat the process if required. Once you have removed the chewing gum or wax just wipe the area with soft cotton damped into plain water.

Stains due to liquid:

If someone had spilled the ink or any sticky syrup on the sofa then all you have to do is use a clean wet cloth or cotton ball and dump it into a mild cleaner or vinegar(before applying, check the compatibility of vinegar with your sofa finish) and rub it over the spot. Remember, do not try to wipe the spot as it might spread on it and managing the stain can be difficult. The best way to remove such stain is to keep dumping the wet cotton or soft cloth again and again, till the stain vanishes.

The general cleaning:

Professional Leather Sofa Cleaning Services

Professional Leather Sofa Cleaning Services

Apart from stubborn stains and other elements if you feel that the sofa requires general cleaning then you can use very little soap mixed in water. Besides, before using water and soap on your sofa please make sure to clean the dust with a duster then you can gently rub the sofa with the prepared solution.

In fact, the general cleaning may be performed with the help of white vinegar and olive oil. You can mix equal portions of water/ gentle leather cleaner with vinegar and olive oil. This will clean the stains and make the leather look lustrous.

So, don’t worry if, something has spilled on the sofa next time as now, you know how to clean leather sofa effectively at home. These simple hacks will help you to maintain the elite of your living room and set you stress-free when; next time you will see guests with their kids at home.