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How To Clean Your Carpet?

Carpet is like an ornament for enhancing the elegant outlook of your interiors. Be it office or home, carpets make the floor look attractive and vibrant. Moreover,it is their colors, textures, patterns and fluffiness which make them one of the most valued possessions. All the attractiveness and elegance lies in the look of the carpet.Hence, to maintain this feature, cleanliness is the main key.



Various methods of carpet cleaning by do-it-yourself and home remedy methods are known. Professional Carpet Cleaning Brisbane are also hired. But few steps however can help you prevent the carpets from getting dirty and stained.

How to Prevent Carpets Getting Dirty?

  1. Use doormats at the entrance of the carpet area. This will reduce the amount of outdoor dust released by footwear over the carpet surface.
  2. If it is your home, try to make the carpeted area a no-shoe zone. This will prevent excessive accumulation of dust and debris over the carpet surface in the same fashion.
  3. Similarly,try to keep the doors and windows closed if opening them is not required very urgently. This will prevent the entry of outdoor dust which can settle over the carpet surface.

How to Maintain Carpets Regularly?

Carpet Cleaning Services Melbourne

Carpet Cleaning Services Melbourne

  1. Vacuum the carpets regularly, preferably, on daily basis.
  2. Avoid using hard vacuum bristles or dusters as they might result in wear and tear of carpet surface.
  3. Prevent accumulation of moisture over the surface of the carpet. This moisture can penetrate the layers of the carpet along with dust settling over the surface. This further can result in contamination and unpleasant odor out of your carpet.
  4. Take immediate steps to clean stains and marks from the surface of the carpet. Additionally,you must take appropriate steps for stain removal as soon as you notice it. If DIY method does not work, immediately hire some professional Carpet cleaning services.

How to Remove Stain and Odor from Carpet?

For removing stain and odor, you require the following items:

  • White Vinegar,
  • Baking Powder,
  • Hot water (lukewarm),
  • Spray bottle,
  • Soft bristled brush or wipe,
  • Clean cotton cloth or paper towel.
How to remove stain and odor from carpet?

How to remove stain and odor from carpet?

Procedure: Mix white vinegar with hot water in a bowl. Pour it in the spray bottle and spray gently over the stained area. Leave the solution to settle for few minutes. Gently wipe the area with soft bristled brush. Repeat this step for two to three times and you will obtain a clean surface. Allow the area to dry. Once it gets dry, sprinkle baking powder over it. This will disinfect and deodorize the carpet. Leave the baking powder for an hour to settle. Finally,vacuum the carpet surface to remove residue of the cleaning process.

How to Remove Wax Spills from Carpet?

Wax spills are types of tough challenges for your carpet cleanliness. To remove wax spills, you require the following articles:

  • Electric Iron,
  • Clean cotton or microfiber cloth,
  • Wipes or card made out of polymer or fibre (like your debit or credit card),
  • Vacuum cleaner.

Procedure: Using the wipes or cards, gently scrub over the wax layer deposited over the carpet surface. This will loosen the wax particles. Then using the vacuum cleaner, absorb the loose wax particles. Heat the electric iron to a moderate temperature. Place a cotton or microfiber cloth over the wax-spilled area. Now move the iron over the cloth. The heat from the iron will make the wax melt which will be absorbed by the cloth. Repeat this until all wax is extracted. Then go for the Carpet Stain Removal method as described in the initial point to obtain a clean carpet surface.

How to Spot Clean The Carpet-

How to spot clean the carpet

How to spot clean the carpet

Use a clean white cloth instead of using colored ones as they can transfer some of their color to the carpet. Paper towels are also quite effective in this case. There are many commercial cleaners available in the market. You can use them after reading the instructions and making sure that they are right for your carpet. If it is a fresh wet stain, blotting it with cold water or hydrogen peroxide might be useful. Do not use warm water however as this can make the stain deep.

If the stain is dry, blotting with hydrogen peroxide is a practice you must follow. Enzyme or ammonia based cleaners are best to get rid of pet urine stains. Always make sure to test a small area before applying the solution on the stain. This will help you know about any negative aspects which might happen. Also blot the stain gently and do not be too harsh. Avoid scrubbing altogether in order to avoid causing damage to your carpets.

All these methods will keep your carpet clean, stain and odor free and in shape. But you must hire professional carpet cleaning services to ensure anappropriate cleaning regime for your carpet. The professional cleaning services provide effective cleaning services and extend the life of your carpet. Back 2 New Cleaning is the best when it comes to carpet cleaning services. They have an expert staff and go extra mile to give your carpets a new-like look.

Hiring the professionals

Call the professional’s team Carpet Cleaning Service at your service and get the work done in the most efficient manner. We have the best professionals who will make the carpet cleaning an easy one and your carpet free of all kinds of dirt and stain. There will be no health risk from the carpet after you get them cleaned by our professionals. The professionals working with us are highly trained and experienced in the service.