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How To Remove Gum From Your Carpets

When you have kids at home, it is normal for you to spot gum in unexpected corners, including your carpets. Moreover, getting rid of gum is quite a task. Not only is it extremely difficult to take out the gum but also requires a lot of efforts since gum has a tendency of hardening if you leave it on for a long period of time. The task of removing the gum gets even more difficult if someone accidentally steps on it. This makes the chewing gum go into deep layers of the carpet.

How to Remove Gum From Your Carpets Melbourne

How to Remove Gum From Your Carpets Melbourne

Hence, removing a gum as soon as you spot it essential, to avoid further damage.  Moreover, most of the people have a tendency of pulling the gum out. Hence, they take out fiber of the carpet as well in the process. While there are a lot of methods to remove it, it totally depends upon the situation as to which method will work the best for you. There is always a room for trying another method, if one is not working fine. Here are some of the best methods to get rid of gum from your carpet:-

  • Freezing the Gum Out :-

This is one of the easiest methods of making the gum come out of your carpet. Grab a pouch and fill it with fresh ice. Apply it on the area with chewing gum and leave it on for about half an hour. This makes the gum freeze which can then be taken out easily using fingernails or blunt knife. While it is quite easy to take it out at this stage, do so carefully to avoid causing damage to the fibers of your carpet cleaning brisbane.

It is always best to break the gum into pieces and remove it one at a time. There will still be sticky residue however, once you have taken the gum out this way. You can take the help of liquid soap to take care of the rest. Do not scrub the carpet harshly. Just flush the area and blot it with a clean towel. Hence, you are done with the whole procedure.

  • Heating the Gum Out :-

Heating the gum out from your carpet

Heating the gum out from your carpet

This is the second most effective method to remove gum from your carpet, after freezing. All you need is a clean cloth or sack to put over the gum and a dryer. A hair dryer is the perfect tool to soften the gum by heating the area. Heat will cause the gum to stick to the cloth or bag after it has been loosened.

Be careful however, not to overheat and cause damage to fibers. Do not expect very fast results as only a portion of gum will stick and come out every time. Continue repeating the procedure until all the gum is out of your carpet. Once there is only a very little left, you can use soap solution to get rid of the residue.  You can even heating and freezing both to get the desired results.

  • Using Solvents for Removing the Gum:-

There are special solvents available in the market for removing things such as gum. You can try using one to break down the gum. Be sure however, that the solvent can be applied on carpet as well. Apply a small amount on your carpet and scrub it very gently after reading the instructions.

Once the gum has softened and dissolved, you can consider using vacuum to pull it out. One thing about solvents is that they not only break down the gum but can also break down your precious carpet as well. Wash the area using clean water. Use a good quality vacuum to extract the gum.

  • Using Vinegar and Oil:-

    The gum spots can be removed by washing it with the soapy water and then with the white vinegar. You can use oil for the making a slippery surface with the oil which will reduce the stickiness of the gum and then it can be easily removed. Besides these Olive oil and peanut butter is also used for gum removal from the carpet

  • Eliminating the Remaining Residue:-

Removing Gum From Your Carpet

Removing Gum From Your Carpet

Some gum may still be left behind as a residue even if you try all the above mentioned steps. You can consider using wd-40 or muscle pain reliever in such a case to remove the rest of the gum. Let it soak for a few minutes, after which you can pull it up with a finger.

Again repeat using a cleaning solution with warm water if there is still any residue left. Eucalyptus oil and vinegar also does wonders to make the gum come out of your carpets. Be aware however, that these methods can also stain the carpet.

Hence, the best solution to remove chewing gum is to take the help of professionals. Back 2 New Cleaning is expert in removing gums, stains, odor, dirt, dust, debris, mold and other contaminants from the carpet.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services:-

Carpet Cleaning Services Melbourne

Carpet Cleaning Services Melbourne

Seeking professional help is always a better option than trying the DIY methods to avoid the risk of further damage. Back 2 New Cleaning is an expert carpet cleaning company with years of experience and expertise.  Moreover, we not only deal in carpet gum removal services, but a variety of other services as well such as carpet flood damage restoration, carpet cleaning, carpet odor removal etc. we have certified staff which is highly talented and efficient in their work. Hence, we are your one stop solution for all carpet cleaning services.

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