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How To Remove Ink Stain From The Carpet?

Carpet in our houses are really useful, we put a lot of effort to keep them clean. But carpet cleaning is a difficult task. There can be any mishap which could happen anytime, carpet is made of fabric, thus, the fabric is vulnerable to food & ink stains. And to remove these stains one should need to be patient and dedicated.

In this blog, the focus would remain on remove ink stains. The ink stains are one of the toughest types of stain which could happen on a carpet. However, the key to removing an ink stain is to take action as soon as you can. When the ink gets dry, it becomes difficult to remove completely.

Moreover, there are two types of inks, which needs a different approach to be removed. Here we will target all types of ink stains and Carpet Stain Removal methods.

How To Remove Ink Stain From The Carpet?

Ballpoint Pen Ink Stain.

While ballpoint pen ink is a rare case stain, a leaked pen can make the stain possible.

Hairspray is very effective in removing the ball-point pen ink stain. You can buy a can of cheap lacquer hair spay and then use it on the stain.

  1. Now, spray the hairspray can on the affected area.
  2. Take a white cloth and blot the stain as much as you can, repeat the blotting until the stain is completely removed.
  3. Do not try to scrub the stain, it’ll only spread more, just keep blotting. Use hairspray if necessary.
  4. When the stain is completely removed and the area gets dried, scrub it using a brush and then vacuum the surface. Vacuuming will remove the residue.

Water Based Ink Stain

Water based ink stain is common, the spillage can happen anytime.

  • Add 1 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid soap in a cup of lukewarm water.
  • Damp a clean cloth in the solution and then dab the towel on the stain affected area.
  • Keep trying this step until the stain has been removed.
  • When the stain is disappeared, rinse it using a clean cloth and clean water.
  • After that turn on the fan and let the area dry.

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