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Do you need Pest Control Melbourne Companies?

We are the leading Pest exterminator in Melbourne. Also, we are around 2 decades old in the industry and well known for our good quality and efficient services. Further, our commitment to client satisfaction and good professional service has made us highly recognized.



Why do you need Pest Control Melbourne?

It is essential to keep both your house and office safe and protected from pests. This ensures healthier lifestyle, better business and protects your furniture from damage. Thus, we specialize in both residential and commercial pest control management.

Residential Pest Control Management

We understand that a house is a man’s castle and he always wants to provide it protection. Also, it is very important for one to keep his family safe in this house and protect them from any kind of disease. Thus, our mission is to make your house free from all pest infestations and employ a solution at your house which protects your home from pests in future too. Below are the different types of pests which can infect your house:



  • Ants
  • Bird Mites
  • Bees
  • Cockroaches
  • Beetles
  • Flies
  • Flees
  • Moths
  • Rats
  • Spiders
  • Silverfish
  • Termites
  • Tick
  • Wasps

We have several kinds of treatments both for indoors and outdoors which can protect your house from a Pest attack. These are important for full-proof safety of your home and your loved ones.

Outdoor Pest Treatments

  • We spray special insecticides in the perimeter of your house to protect from pests. Maximum amount of pest growth happens outdoors as one can’t do much about the surrounding hygiene.
  • Also, we treat outdoor windows, doors, patio, fence, letter box, garbage bins and pipes. This protects your house from termites and makes your house always look new from outside.

Indoor Pest Treatments

  • We provide treatment in areas behind the refrigerator and oven. It is not feasible to clean the area behind these places every day. Hence, it gets dirty developing to be a place where pest breeding begins.
  • Additionally, we also provide treatment at places under the washbasin in the bathrooms and kitchens. This is a place where maximum cockroach growth happens.
  • Moreover, we provide treatment in the carpeted areas in the house. Carpets require high level of cleaning as people walk on it with shoes all day. This becomes the breeding place for many pests.
  • Further, we bait the roofs of the house against rats and mice.

Corporate Pest Control Management

We are extremely popular in the corporate sector as well. Also, we specialize in termite treatment which reduces future chances of termites targeting your premises. Our speedy and efficient services lead to low impact on your business, client and daily working. Additionally, we also provide treatment against Cockroach, Ants, Rats, and Bees. Further, we ensure that the whole treatment gets completed the same day itself.



The Yearly Pest Management Plan

We have annual packages to prevent your house from any re-infestation from pests like rats, rodents, spiders and cockroaches. It is advised to get your house treated every year in order to make sure your house is safe.

There is an old saying “Prevention is better than the Cure”. It is absolutely true. It is better to keep your house safe from all kinds of pests than regret later. One should get pest control treatment done on time to keep family healthy and away from any risks of diseases. Also, we offer you the best quality services at best prices. You can contact us at 0410 452 014 any time to get more details about our services.

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