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Steps For Removing Urine Stains And Odors From The Mattress?

Urine stain is common when you have small kids, sometimes while in REM sleep kids tend to wet the bed. Urinating during sleep is not a serious thing, it’s a part of growing up, but you can’t ignore the urine from your bed. Urine on the mattress, on the other hand, can become a serious problem if left untreated,  the moisture caused by it can harbour bacterias and germs, which results in stains and odour.

Moreover, the urine on mattress should be treated properly or else the bacteria and germs would not go and make the condition of mattress worse. Using odour removal spray is not a good solution, because it’ll only remove the odour, the stain will appear after some time also the bacteria will start their infestation deep into the mattress.

There are some ways to treat the stain effectively, by applying proper measure for urine and stain odour removal you can get rid of it. However, if the urine gets dry, it has been possibly soaked in deeply into the mattress, in this case, you need to do something extra to properly do the mattress urine odour and stain removal.

Mattress cleaning is relatively easy when the urine is still wet because the bacteria which travel through air has not yet infested, so proper the below steps for mattress urine smell removal

Remove Urine Stains and Odors from the Mattress

Remove Urine Stains and Odors from the Mattress

Things You’ll Need for Urine removal:

  • Clean white cloth or paper towels
  • Baking or Borax soda
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Optional: Upholstery attachment brush, essential oils, rubber gloves, standing fan, or a blow dryer

Either Borax or Baking Soda.

Borax is the best solution for killing bacteria because it has a high toxicity level, the bacterias and germs cannot escape from it. So, borax is the best bet you can have for mattress sanitization. However, due to the high toxicity level, it can harm humans also, kids and pets should stay away when you’re using the borax, inhalatontact us to get the free quotes. ion or ingestion can be fatal.

Baking soda, on the other hand, is a soft approach and easy to apply, using baking soda for mattress urine odour and stain removal has shown a positive outcome. Moreover, baking soda is easily available supply, you can get it from any store.

The steps for applying borax and baking soda should be the same because both are powder.

  • Use a cloth to remove wet urine, blot the surface and remove excess moisture.
  • Fill a spray can and fill with it water then, spray it on the mattress to dampen the surface.
  • Now, sprinkle the baking soda or borax on the surface.
  • Let it sit until it gets dried.
  • When the powder is completely dry, use your vacuum cleaner to suck all the powder, add an upholstery attachment brush to get a thorough result.
Professional Mattress Cleaning

Professional Mattress Cleaning

Future Prevention

Prevention is necessary if you have a pet or child at your place. You can take protective mattress covers to keep your mattress clean and fresh. You can also use a sealed protector which protects you from allergens and dust mites. It is actually quite effective.

Call Professional

By following above methods you can successfully do the mattress urine odour and stain removal. In case you have no idea what you’re doing or have to do, you can always take professional assistance. We’re the best professional mattress cleaning service provider, at Back 2 New Cleaning we believe in building good customer and company relations rather than cleaning, which is why we’re doing the best in the mattress cleaning industry. If you’re looking for professionals assistance for cleaning your mattress, you can always trust us, contact us to get the free quotes.