Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions have been made for our customers, we request our customers to read all the terms and conditions before proceeding towards booking the services. The further use of our website shall be considered as a confirmation for the terms and conditions of our services. If the customer has any doubt regarding the terms and conditions, we request our customers to reach out to us. Our helpline numbers are available 24/7 for clearing doubts and confusion.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


For cancellations of the booking or to make any changes in the bookings, the customer is required to inform Back 2 New Cleaning before a prior notice of one day. In case the customer is failed to inform us, there shall be a fine of $90 on cancelling the bookings. However, there are no charges on making changes in the bookings. But a notice before one day is prefered.


You can make bookings through email or by calling us on our toll-free number. Bookings shall be made on the spot. At the time of bookings, the customer is required to give credit card details to Back 2 New Cleaning executives.

During the booking, the customer is also required to give details of any risks or extra work required on the premises so that our agents come prepared.

Quotation and pricing

The prices of every service described in the quote list are all made by Back 2 New cleaning services. The prices in the description can be altered anytime, we own the right to alter it. We recommend our clients check the price list before booking the services. The payment shall be done in advance during the time of booking. If the particular item or premises turned out different in size or any other thing, we will change the discussed price in which we agreed upon.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Price List

For tile and grout, the price list is set in a range of per square feet. The parameters are as such:-

5-50 Square metre area

50-100 Square metre area

100-200 Square metre area

Couch or upholstery: The price list is set as per seats, the fabric also affects the price. Leather fabric cleaning is costlier than normal cloth fabric.

Mattress: Mattress is price tagged as per the sizes. Price list starts from single and double mattress to Queen size mattress and king size mattress.

Curtains: Standard size curtains have a different price tag for steam cleaning and dry cleaning.

Duct: Duct cleaning is price tagged as per ventilator, return pipe and unit service. There is a separate call out charges.

Pest Control: Pest control charges are categorised for general pests, for mice and rats the charges differ.


The client is liable to pay the full amount when the work is fully completed. The booking shall be understood as confirmed before the scheduled appointment day.

We accept the payment in cash or credit card mode. While paying through credit card, the customer is required to authorise the payment for Back 2 New Cleaning.

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