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Tile and grout cleaning Tabooba provide professional Tile cleaning, grout cleaning, regrouting, tile grout recoloring, tile Sterling and tile polishing services.

Back 2 New Tile and grout cleaning Tabooba:

Tile and grout cleaning can be tough, time consuming and almost impossible for many. Back 2 New Cleaning Company, Tabooba is here to provide you quality tile and grout cleaning services with superior cleaning equipment.

Tile and grout cleaning Tabooba

Tile and grout cleaning Tabooba

At Back 2 New Tile and grout cleaning Tabooba, we take pleasure in offering proper stone, tile, and grout cleaning and restoration. We hold our services to the highest level, ensuring that your restoration will stand the test of time, helping you avoid the cost of installing a new floor. We specialize in both grout cleaning and grout color sealing.

Back 2 New Cleaning Company offers two separate services that come with tile and grout maintenance.


1. Clean and restore the tiles and grout using a spinner wand.  This is the latest technology to safely remove embedded dirt and grime within the tiles and grout.

2.  Apply a sealer.  Depending on the type of tile or grout, a good quality sealer is essential after the cleaning to provide longevity.  Grout is very porous and without a sealer, spills will be absorbed making the grout weak and vulnerable.

You can put your trust in Back 2 New Cleaning Company Tabooba for all your tile and grout maintenance needs.

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Here are some Tile and Grout Cleaning Services provided by Back 2 New Tile and grout cleaning Tabooba:

Grout Cleaning in Tabooba

Grout Cleaning in Tabooba

Grout Cleaning in Tabooba

Grout is an absorbent material, which means that over time, light color grout will turn into stained. To renovate your grout to its initial state, we being our cleaning with a citrus degreasing, followed by the application of high-pressure boiling water. This is unique, as we are the only company to use 1000 psi (pounds per square inch) of boiling water application. This combination of high pressure and high heat allows us to provide permanent results in your grout color sealing.

Grout Renovation in Tabooba

For all of our grout renovation jobs in Tabooba, Back 2 New Tile and grout cleaning Tabooba come equipped with up to 300 ft. of pressure hose and vacuum lines, both of which are able to run off of our own power supply. This means that you won’t have to worry about your power breakers being tripped during the grout renovation process, and we can still complete the work even if there is a power outage in the area. Alternatively, if you live in a high rise building, we also carry smaller portable machines to ensure that we can still serve you.

Stone, Tile, and Grout Sealing in Tabooba

After cleaning, we suggest two options for tile sealing and grout sealing: clear grout sealing or color grout sealing. For our clear grout sealing, we apply a quality expert grout seal to shield the grout from staining. This is our more affordable option as a tile and grout sealer, and will typically last for two years.

Broken Floor Tile Replacement

Accidents happen, and it’s not uncommon to have to replace broken floor tiles. At Back 2 New Cleaning Tile Perfection in Tabooba we have perfected the art of broken floor tile replacement so you can correct and forget it.To replace the broken tile, we first use a carbide bit oscillating tool to cut the grout surrounding the broken floor tile. This tool is specially designed to allow us to accurately remove the broken tile, without cracking any other part of your floor.

What’s so different About Your Method? Nice Question…

For the initial time in life you no longer have to get on your knees with a tooth brush, or other types of deck brush and struggle with malodorous chemicals and acids that don’t work.

Why you hurt your knees, dry out skin, struggle with harsh chemical smells etc, when you can get shining cleaned tile and grout cleaning without any bother?

What can we do for your floor?

Back 2 New Cleaning offers the NEWEST AND MOST EFFECTIVE way of tile and grout cleaning to date. We use latest, scientifically-proven methods, technologies and a variety of equipment. The key part of the process is HEAT that we apply consistently. In combination with vacuum and high pressure water cleaning we are able to provide fast and efficient service and long-lasting results. Turbo and mini-turbo attachments enable our crew to reach areas and surfaces of different configurations. Our service will help you get more “mileage” of hard floor surfaces you have invested into, and love!

We also complete SEALING, available by request, as an important component of the process designed to keep your floors clean and stain-free longer.

What to expect from Back 2 New Tile and grout cleaning Tabooba?

What to expect from Back 2 New Tile and grout cleaning Tabooba?

What to expect from Back 2 New Tile and grout cleaning Tabooba?

Here are a few things you should know before we start…

Our cleaning process can, in most cases, return your floor to 95% or more of its initial condition. Back 2 New Cleaning Tabooba assures that we will do our best to satisfy you. But we need your understanding that sometimes we are dealing with situations beyond our control. And your helpful ways are highly appreciated, too!

Please have all areas cleared of furniture and knickknacks before we arrive. We will point out damaged and heavily stained areas, or any other problematic surfaces, BEFORE we begin. We would appreciate if you do such an inspection yourself in advance. As you understand, we will not be responsible for any pre-existing conditions such as loose tiles and grout, cracked or missing tile and grout, discoloration, fading, scratched tiles etc. Neither will we take responsibility for correcting damage, previously concealed by dirt, and uncovered while cleaning surfaces with heavy soil build-up. There could be areas of your floor that are beyond the reach of even the most advanced tools we use. Some products and food can stain grout permanently. We will know what will, and what will not come out until we actually clean the surface. Wax is our enemy too, as it is extremely difficult to remove from grout. We will do our best to get rid of it, and we pride ourselves on the fact that in most cases, the process is successful and effective. But we still cannot guarantee complete wax removal at all times and under any conditions. If we feel that our cleaning process could do more harm than good due to existing problems in the floor condition, we immediately STOP all work. If there is still staining or discoloration visible after the cleaning, you have an option of re-coloring the grout with a whole array of new products available on the market today.

Thank you for understanding some of the specific conditions we have to deal with while cleaning your tile and grout. We hope you will be able to enjoy your newly cleaned and refreshed tile and grout for years to come!

What will you Get if you Choose Back 2 New Cleaning Company Tabooba for Tile & Grout Cleaning?

  • You will get the tile & grout cleaning that you deserve
  • You will see a magic difference right before your eyes
  • You will see the color the grout line use to be
  • You will be Stunned

What will happen if I do nothing?

  • The grout lines will remain soiled.
  • The grout lines will never sparkle like it use too.
  • It will continue to look dull.

What to remember

 Tile & Grout Cleaning Company Tabooba

Tile & Grout Cleaning Company Tabooba

Is there a reason why it is harder to maintain tiles and grout clean compared to carpets and area rugs? Of course! There is nowhere for the dirt to hide on hard surfaces such as wood, natural stone, ceramic, porcelain and etc. This is why it is so important to have your newly cleaned floors properly finished and maintained.

After your floor is clean, the best thing to do is have it sealed. The grout sealer will need to “cure” within a 24 hour period. Contrary to popular belief, forced air will not speed up the curing process.

Bear in mind, that sealers are designed to make products repel dirt, but on its own, it would not prevent the floors from getting dirty.

Beware of store-bought “foreign” substances and chemicals: they can actually embed dirt and grime into your floor, or even cause permanent damage.

Useful tips

Useful tips - Tile and Grout Cleaning

Useful tips – Tile and Grout Cleaning

After the service is complete, try to avoid the use of strong chemicals for cleaning your floors for at least two weeks. Never use muriatic acid, floor stripper or any other rough substances during the setting period. Be careful while hiring people to maintain your floors, as you have to make sure they do not use methods and substances that can damage your floors and put in danger yours and their own safety and health.

The grout is very often no longer a simple cementations product. Grout additives, epoxy and urethane grouts are becoming more common. Color Clad is designed for superior adhesion to all tile grouts, including epoxy.

Tile and grout cleaning Tabooba Work Guarantee

At Back 2 New Tile and grout cleaning Tabooba we maintain the highest of standards with our tile and grout Cleaning Services throughout Tabooba. We are committed to doing the job right the first time, every time. We offer you, the customer a 100% Service Guarantee for you to feel completely satisfied with your clean. Because customer satisfaction is most important to our business and we believe in long term relationship.

Back 2 New Cleaning Company, Tabooba also provide our services same day of the order or in case of any emergency requirements by the clients.

Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Service

Tile and grout Cleaning
5 5 1
I had my tiles and grout cleaned and resealed I didnt even know the real color of my grout until now. Would highly recommend back 2 new tile and grout cleaning

Sparkling Tile Cleaning Services

Tile and grout Cleaning
5 5 1
I had never thought of getting my bathroom tiles cleaned. Last week we were planning to get them replaced as they had started looking too dirty. Then a friend suggested tile cleaning service and I went looking for leading cleaners in Brisbane. Finally I chose Back2New Cleaning after researching. I am glad I did so because I got a splendid tile cleaning service. The service was quick and detailed. The tiles look beautiful again with no stains at all. And it is such a relief to know that they are no more unhygienic. Thanks for a lovely experience.

Healthy Tile Cleaning

Tile and grout Cleaning
5 5 1
Back 2 New Cleaning team is very professional. They checked the type of tile before starting to clean making sure it was able to be cleaned with their cleaners. They did the job carefully and clean. They both were pleasant and polite. We would welcome them back again.

Great Tile and Grout Shine

Tile and grout Cleaning
5 5 1
I have just had my tiles and grout cleaned the result was brilliant better than i could've imagined. I wash my floors weekly and didn't realize how much the grout had discolored. Would highly recommend back 2 new tile and grout cleaning.
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