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Tips On Maintaining The Carpet During Winters?

Winters are here and along with some moisture, mist and heavy snowfall. Winters can bring along a lot of problems and damages to our property and belongings. Carpets too can get easily damaged during winters. Due to neglect in routine cleaning, carpets can further deteriorate during winters. Although it is suggested that you keep your carpets clean and stain-free all the time but during winters we often forget. Any carpet installation requires extra care and attention during winters. Apart from dirt settlement and chronic stains, carpets can suffer damage from moisture and fire during winters. Professional carpet cleaners advise you to follow some tips mentioned below to maintain the carpets during this winter season. Keep reading below and prevent the carpet from getting damaged during winters

Professional Carpet Cleaning
Professional Carpet Cleaning

Tips On Maintaining The Carpet During Winters

  • Routine Cleaning And Maintenance –

    Most important steps towards the maintenance of the carpet are routine cleaning. In winters, you should always clean the carpet from time to time. As the dust along with mist and water vapour can get collected over the surface of the carpet. Moisture along with dirt and dust can result in staining and water can damage the carpet fibres. So make sure you use vacuum cleaners regularly to get rid of the dirt settled on the carpet. For moisture and water, you can use any long brush or absorbent cloth to rub the surface of the carpet again and again.
  • Treat Stains And Prevent it As well –

    Stains, as we know, can be the worst nightmare for any carpet. Especially in winters some organic and food stains can permanently damage and decolourise the carpet if left ignored. As the air is humid, the water content in the stains stays within the carpet for a long time. This can lead to permanent staining or damaged carpet fibres. You can use various commercial products for carpet stain removal at home.
  • Protect The Carpet From Water And Moisture –

    Water can cause many problems for any carpet installation. Presence of moisture will not only damage the carpet glue and fibres but can also promote mould growth. Don’t let any amount of water accumulate anywhere near the carpet. In case of spilling or carpet water damage, dry the carpet under a fan or sunlight. You can also hire a professional carpet cleaning Gold Coast for carpet water damage restoration services. 
  • Keep The Carpet Away From Fireplace Or Heaters –

    Normally we end up beating the winters through a fireplace or heaters. A fireplace can be quite dangerous for carpet installation. Placing the carpet near a fireplace can result in burn damage or carpet holes. Burn damage will permanently compromise the appearance and integrity of the carpet installation. Placing the heaters anywhere on the carpet can heat the carpet fibres causing them to break as well. Make sure you prevent the carpet from any kind of burn damage and replace it from the direct exposure of any fireplace.
Expert carpet cleaning
Expert carpet cleaning

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