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Upholstery Cleaning Myths Busted

Many homeowners clean their upholstery with their own DIY tricks while some of them think It’s better to hire professionals for this purpose, many have misconceptions regarding cleaning of their upholstery but upholstery cleaning Perth have revealed some truth related to its cleaning. 

Professional upholstery cleaning Perth states that being in cleaning industry for so many years our experts have across a wide number of clients with some upholstery cleaning myths with which they are living, have a look at some of them: 

Upholstery Cleaning Service
Upholstery Cleaning Service

Following are the Myths Spread in Upholstery Cleaning Industry 

    Myth 1: most of the Clients are of the view that hot water is best for Upholstery Cleaning.

    Local upholstery cleaning service Perth states that it is the most common myth, though hot water cleaning is a good choice but its usage depends on the type of fabric, the experts state to use hot water only after proper inspection of fabric.

    Myth 2: Cleaning According to the Guidelines is Correct.

    Yes it’s a right procedure but it is often seen that cleaning codes contradict with the fibre tags. These tags fail to mention about the stuffing and this can cause problems while upholstery cleaning.

    Myth 3: Regular Upholstery Cleaning can Damage it.

    Brand name upholstery cleaning Perth states that the myth lacks foundation as it has no proofs available. Professional upholstery cleaning maintains your upholstery and prevents it from getting damaged in long run and also elongates its life. 

    Myth 4: you Need to Clean the Upholstery more often after you get the Upholstery Cleaned by Professionals.

    Leather Couch Cleaning Perth are of the view that professional cleaning and their sanitizing procedure prevents dust and allergens from settling on the upholstery. Getting the upholstery cleaned will get it cleaned completely.

    Myth 5: Bleach is Always the Best Cleaner.

    It always not true, though bleach is effective in killing odours but in comparison to other cleaning products it stands lowest in the figure.

    Myth 6: Upholstery Deodorants are Sufficient to keep it Fresh.

    Deodorants can be sprinkled on the upholstery to keep it fresh but it is only a temporary solution. It is important to consider that these deodorants are powders whose regular use causes them to accumulate and thus professional cleaning becomes important.

    Expert Upholstery Cleaning
    Expert Upholstery Cleaning

    Hire The Professionals

    At Back to New Cleaning, You wouldn’t experience any problems if all your misconceptions are removed and thus it becomes important to go through the above myths. Always engage the services of accredited companies that are recognized by relevant institutions so that you get proper services every time.